Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Right Radio 2/28/10 2nd Hour Featured Interview between John Batdorf and Dorian White (podcast included)

Posted in the US on Saturday, February 27, 2010
Second Hour Playlist in Melbourne Australia on 2/28/2010
Just Right this morning... 2nd hour replaying my interview with American singer/songwriter John Batdorf.

(apologies for quality of podcast)

John Batdorf interview including:
"Will I Love You Forever"
Silver - "Wam Bam"
John Batdorf - theme from Tom & Jerry Kids
Batdorf & Stanley - "Ruby Tuesday"
Batdorf & Rodney - "Me and My Guitar"
"Ain't No Way"
"What D'Ya Got"
"I Thought I'd Try A Love Song"
"I Will Rise"

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From Dorian White's Blog on the Just Right Radio 88.6 Plenty Valley myspace

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What the Fans (& Friends) Are saying about OLD MAN DREAMIN', an ongoing blog

From Darlene Richardson, 2-21-10
John sings from his heart, is one the most talented guitarists I've ever heard, and is one heckuva a nice guy. Like clay, he shapes the good, bad, & ugly experiences of his/our lives into beautiful songs, transforming those often painful memories into soft spots in our hearts to cherish for the remaining days of our lives. That's why his fans have been loyal for nearly 40 years!


From Douglas West, 7/9/09 in an email response to the Bob Lefsetz Review of OLD MAN DREAMIN'
"....I've know Batdorf since he was 13 and our cover group in Dayton, Ohio needed a new lead singer. We heard this little "bopper" at a Friday night joint and said 'that's our next lead'. John didn't even play guitar then. He played keyboards and sang.....great by the way, even at 13. Our music adapted to his style but soon we were ready for college...except for Batdorf. I went on to become an orthopedic surgeon and John went to LA to make it big. I followed his career from afar until a night he was touring with Bread in Philadelphia. He called me and gave me front row seats to the Batdorf and Rodney opening. No sooner had John hit his last note than we split.....forget Bread, I wanted to rehash history. Our seats were rapidly gobbled up by the masses. John continued in his direction and me in mine, until I heard him on tour in Dayton. Boy had he matured. The music, the lyrics and his voice all had become finely tuned instruments. I'll admit I loved Batdorf and Rodney, but some of the stuff he was writing with Michael McLean blew me away. "It's not love until you've been through a storm" had my wife in tears. I was so impressed that I drove 500 miles from Memphis to Dayton to reconnect with John at this concert. I asked him if he wanted to play a house concert in Maui at our home. Several months later John was gigging in Maui. He was promoting his first full solo CD titled 'Home Again'. There were a few old songs but most were new. Once again, John was evolving. Now the lyrics, music, voice and production were all John. I remember thinking to myself, he's like the Beatles. He never stops growing. His new CD is the same with lyrics that are on top of the times; crafty, mellow, witty, and hilarious. His voice and guitar are not showing any signs of age. How many Old Men can Dream like John Batdorf? Not too many, if you ask me. Only John isn't Dreamin', he's put his music where his mouth is.....another brilliant production not reliant on the 'forces' in the industry and not sounding like everything that dominates the airwaves today....."
-Douglas West, M.D.

From Bub Daddio, 6/18/09 via post on John Batdorfs' Facebook Wall:
"WOW! 'OLD MAN DREAMING' has me in a SUPER mood. John's latest CD is simply perfection. His vocals are so sweet and comforting. John THANKS for getting back on the scene in a big way. I put this effort up for consideration to all... and by 'to all' I mean that includes you Grammy people!"
From Bub Daddio, 6/18/09 via post on his own Facebook Wall: "Just listened to John Batdorf's new album I give his "OLD MAN DREAMING" cd. a 5 STAR rating and I thoroughly enjoyed this venture. The clean, clear, crispness of his great voice is virtually music to my ears. John's voice is in tiptop condition ( He's so good that I actually think John would be a perfect fit as lead singer on tour as lead singer with YES if Jon Anderson won't be the Frontman) Go get this CD!"
From Bub Daddio, 6/20/09 via Facebook-mail to Mother Hen Promotions: "Music moves me in a way that without it my life would be empty. Take for example the new album of John Batdorf's "Old Man Dreaming" ... upon first listen I was impressed with the clean clear crispness of the sound. John's vocals and guitar were sweet and the lyrics so moving i.e.: the track 'What D'ya Got' ... hit's home for me and I suppose for most anyone who hears it. "


From Martin DeJarnette, 6/18/09: "John - I got the CD, thanks so much! .... Very impressive. You can tell you really put in a lot of time on this one. The harmonies are out of this world. It's fun to pick out James and Bill's voice. This is a good blend of acoustic rock with a touch of traditional instruments which I love. Bill (Batstone) is so great on bass, he really adds a lot. Will I love you forever needs to be in a soundtrack. I can see it being used in a movie or rolling credits. I hope you submit the heck out of it to Hollywood! Anyway I'm enjoying it! I told my brother your new CD is out...he's going to purchase one, he also loves your work. One suggestion....I would have named the album 'Still a young man dreamin' ' ... you still got a lot of miles left on this road buddy!"


From Gary Kochan, 6/17/09 : "John, your new CD is great! It's from the heart and I'm glad you were inspired to make it. I particularly like What D'Ya Got, Old Man Dreamin', and I Fall To Pieces. Old Man Dreamin' is particularly insightful. You will always have an audience. So keep it coming."


From "Gen", 6/7/09: "such a mixture of wanna hug someone-punch & kick someone, cry a little, kiss a little, then just sit down and smile....what an awesome album---really pulls emotions out.