Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"It's A Long Way From Heaven"

It’s A Long Way From Heaven

2009 is rapidly coming to a close and what a trying year it has been for many of us. It’s truly amazing how things could change so quickly. The security that took us years to attain, once thought was safe, has all but vanished. We will survive, but it will take a while to recover, and music is a powerful healer. Listening to music has pulled me through some rough times in the past; thank you Beatles, CSN, Peter Gabriel and so many more. The changing world supplied plenty of inspiration for my “Old Man Dreamin’” CD, which so many of you so generously helped me become a reality. I thank you again. The CD has gotten off to a great start with lots of airplay in many countries and as of January 2010, I am starting a US and European radio promotion. I am convinced that if heard, this record speaks to the masses. The only way I can prove my point is by re-investing in the project. Everything is in place including the four fantastic music videos that Michael McLean made happen. Not only is he a great writer, but an even greater friend. We may be a little long in the tooth, but we “still got game”! I am looking forward to the mighty challenge of surviving another year in this ever-changing music business I have chosen to be a part of. Wow, this marks my fourth decade now. It’s a good thing I started so young! I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Onward and upward………

John Batdorf

Monday, November 9, 2009

John Batdorf Interview on Unsigned Underground with Darryl Gregory

Episode #24 - John Batdorf
on Unsigned Underground - an Independent Music Blog & Podcast
with Darryl Gregory

Listen and Read Here

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Weekend 10/16 & 17 - John Batdorf in Oregon!!

Friday, October 16th, 2009 3:00 PM
John Batdorf Live On The Radio
KMUN interview Astoria
Astoria, Oregon

Friday, October 16th, 2009 8:00 PM
John Batdorf at RedHare Astoria
260 10th Street, Astoria, Oregon 97103
Price: $10.00

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 8:00 PM
John Batdorf at Artichoke Music
3130 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 232-8845
Price: $12.00

Thursday, October 1, 2009

10/7 & 10/10 Two John Batdorf Shows that can be heard/seen live internationally

No matter where you are - if you have the internet you can tune in to both of these shows!! Wed 10/7 and Sat 10/10:

Wednesday 7 October 2009 @ 8pm Pacific Time
John Batdorf Live Phone Interview with Shashona McCall
On Indie Showcase - Home of the Indie Artist Worldwide!!
http://www.indieshowcase.net/ and http://www.awesomeradio.net

See here for A Worldwide List of Time Zones this show is aired in:

To Tune in and/or Join us In The Chatroom during the interview... go to
http://www.indieshowcase.net and click "Listen". Open a new browser window to join the chatroom. Just click Chatroom , type in your name/nickname, then click OK, and you will be there with John & Shashona!

To tune in direct from your browser - copy and paste this address into your media player: http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8000

We are Looking forward to seeing you -- one and all!!

For those who cannot make the live interview, the show
will be archived and podcast via http://www.indieshowcase.net/


Saturday, 10 October at 8pm
John Batdorf * James Hurley * Scott Wojahn
Kulaks Woodshed in North Hollywood, CA
5230 1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91607
Phone #: 818-766-9913
$10.00 recommended donation at the door - all proceeds to benefit Kulaks Woodshed
If you can't attend in person, you can tune in via the website:

Monday, September 14, 2009

John Batdorf: 9/18 - 9/27 Ohio/Michigan "Old Man Dreamin" CD Release Tour

Friday, 18 September 2009 @ 11am
John Batdorf Live In Studio
WYSO Radio With Niki Dakota
Yellow Springs, Ohio
John will be live on the air with Niki Dakota singing songs from Old Man Dreamin'.

Friday, 18 September 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf: Canal Street Tavern
308 E. First St., Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 461-9343
Price: $12.00

Saturday, 19 September 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf: Private Party Hosted By Jeff Ferguson/Open To The Public
Contact Jeff if you are interested in attending.
Akron, Ohio 44321
Price: $15.00

Thursday, 24 September 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf: West Bethesda Folk Music Concerts
Montpelier, Ohio 43543
Price: $10.00
Contact Bob for tickets and directions:

Friday, 25 September 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf: Private Party
Montpelier, Ohio

Saturday, 26 September 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf: Trinity House Theatre
38840 W. Six Mile, Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 464.6302
Price: $15.00 /$12.00 members

Sunday, 27 September 2009 @ 9:15am
John Batdorf Live On The Radio
Pam Rossi Radio Show
One Radio Plaza Drive
Detroit, Mi 48220
John will be on the air at 9:15 with Pam Rossi Sunday morning, Sept. 27th singing live and talking about the new "Old Man Dreamin'" CD. Listen live online!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Review on John Batdorf's Old Man Dreamin' CD from Indie Showcase

John Batdorf
Old Man Dreamin' - Released June 11 2009

Old Man Dreamin' :
What D'Ya Got
Love: All I Really Know About It
That Don't Seem Right To Me
I Fall To Pieces
Will I Love You Forever
Old Man Dreamin'
I Thought I'd Try A Love Song
Ain't No Way
Don't Tell Me Goodbye
I Will Rise

John Batdorf has once again hit the mark with this Album called 'Old Man Dreamin' ! John Batdorf is one of those remarkable few who pens a song and leaves you thinking he wrote it just for you. No small feat! Not only has he met his unusually high standard in music, but in my opinion has surpassed it with this Album.

He has a finger on the "pulse" of what is happening all around us these days. He brings our focus back to family , loved ones and what is "Real".

From toe tappin Accoustic rock influenced tracks to the ballads , it all seems effortless to this astounding musician. He has allowed us to enter his world and his thoughts for just a moment in time. The surprizing thing about that is that you will think he entered yours.

Each track on the "Old Man Dreamin' " Album can stand alone. The quality of songwriting, vocals and arrangement far exceeds any expectations we may have had.

John has done many things in his career that would surprize you. This humble and truely gifted Artist has made us proud to be loyal fans.

There are so many tracks on this Album that "touched" me , I am hard pressed to single any out. Having said that, The three that stood out most for me were What D'Ya Got , That Don't Seem Right to Me , and Old Man Dreamin' . I Will Rise following so close there is no shadow created!

What D'Ya Got - An edgy, catchy song, that speaks about keeping your head above the water. In these trying times with bills to pay, the latest fads to keep up with and just getting by.. John reminds us all we are not alone. This is an excellent example of what John does best. This track will have you singing along and tapping your feet. But most important is the message in the lyrics. As bad as it can get.. “You Got Me”.

That Don't Seem Right To Me - John's ability to capture the moment and everything that is happening around us, shines through this piece. With the economic situation as it stands in the world, he has brought home what many of us are thinking. It put me in mind of the great songs of the 70's which brought about an awareness and change. I know , call me a yuppy. He sings about the average man, his struggle to keep it together during this disaster. Bankers and Governments and stock markets caused this crisis, but it is the people who struggle. It is well written, outstanding guitar work and has a flow that will have you Rockin along! Harmonies are fantastic. This is a MUST HAVE!

Old Man Dreamin' – The title track of this Fantastic CD. A Bluesy – Rock mix that defies you to sit still. John's voice is captivating. He speaks of being in this music business from a young age , following his dreams of “Making it” till now as a middle aged man.The changes that have taken place in this industry. His dreams , his Vision. And the realization that his fans love him always. We are here for the long Haul. One might ask is it better to have that flash hit, then fizzle or is it much better to be a constant performer delivering quality music over the long period.

I have chosen only three tracks off this CD to single out. In fact, each and every track deserves to be singled out. The love songs are expertly written and delivered. The instrumentation achieved is monumental. The back up harmonies are exemplary. Old Man Dreamin' has got to be one the best Albums I have heard .... well since John's last one.

You can purchase this Album at www.johnbatdorfmusic.com You can also hear other Albums John has released. John, in my opinion, is the worlds best kept secret. Grab the CD, send friends over to hear him.

On a Personal note, I would like to thank Mother Hen Promotions for giving me the gift of John Batdorf's music years ago. It is a heads up that has given me enjoyment ever since.

Wendy Shashona McCall
Indie Showcase
To Tune in: http://radio.awesomeradio.net:8000
Put this address into your player or itunes. See Ya There !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

John Batdorf to bring 30 years of music to Canal Street Tavern

John Batdorf to bring 30 years of music to Canal Street Tavern

September 10, 4:40 PMDayton Performing Arts ExaminerMichael Woody

John Batdorf

Though via the road less traveled, John Batdorf has accumulated a career in music that spans over 30 years and is still moving forward. Whether it's being center stage, a back-up singer or a producer of music for television, he succeeds in creating rhythmic sounds with the sole purpose of pleasing the audience. Now Batdorf is back on tour and has a scheduled stop in Dayton at the Canal Street Tavern on September 18 to promote his latest solo album, 'Old Man Dreamin.'

The experiences Batdorf has endured from chasing his boyhood dream of being a musician helped shape 'Old Man Dreamin' into a deeply personal album. While the song 'I Will Rise' is about the 36 year marriage to his wife, Melanie, the title track is autobiographical with lots of inside information about his musical journey.

"I hope the 'old men' listening will identify with the bittersweet dreams of being an old guy in a young guys' business," Batdorf said.

Batdorf's voyage began in the 70's as one half of Batdorf & Rodney, which resulted in a couple of albums and a tour across the country. They opened for several top acts from the era including Fleetwood Mac, the Doobie Brothers and Hall and Oats. However, Batdorf and Rodney eventually parted ways, but it was not the end of the road.

During the 80's Batdorf moved from center stage into the background and recorded vocals for such artists as Rod Stewart, Motley Crue and David Lee Roth. He also created and sung jingles for a number of movies and television shows.

In the 90's, Batdorf landed in prime time by producing the musical score for the CBS drama 'Promised Land.' He composed all the underscore music for the shows final three seasons before moving on to the same role for 'Touched By An Angel.' The work was strenuous under such a tight schedule but very rewarding to hear on a completed episode.

"I never thought I would have to work that hard, that's why I became a musician, but I've taken that same work ethic towards my record," Batdorf said.

Then 30 years after separating from Rodney, Batdorf recieved the unique invitation to perform a house concert for on old fan in his living room for some friends and family. A reconnection with his passion for having a live audience was formed and he was soon back to touring.

Despite such a long and accomplished career, Batdorf believes that 'Old Man Dreamin' is his best work to date, and is relevant to all ages with themes about the economic crises and falling in love. "When the times comes that you think your latest work isn't the best it's time to quit. I love everything I've done, but I feel that this is the best," he said.

Though Batdorf's path has strayed from the normal course, his loyal fans never lost track of him and show up at his current shows. "Everywhere I go, I meet someone who has a story from back in the 70's about my music and it's great to have that connection."

New and old fans are welcome to see John Batdorf at the Canal Street Tavern, 308 E. First Street, on September 18 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $12.00.

The journey has been long and eventful but Batdorf's dream to be a musician has been reached. "It took awhile to get here and the path was anything but straight, but I would not have had it any other way."

Learn more about John Batdorf at:


Copyright © 2009 Clarity Digital Group LLC d/b/a Examiner.com. All Rights reserved.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Links to Archived and Podcasted Radio Interviews

"Whole 'Nuther Thing" with Bob Goodman
Saturday, 6/13/09

Part I John Batdorf Interview: "Part 1 of Interview with John Batdorf including some rather tasty Live Tunes from his New CD Old Man Dreamin' and past CD's."

"Whole 'Nuther Thing" with Bob Goodman
Saturday, 6/13/09

Part II John Batdorf Interview: "Part 1 of Interview with John Batdorf including some rather tasty Live Tunes from his New CD Old Man Dreamin' and past CD's."


"Inside the Artists' Studio with Thomas Miller"
The Thomas Miller Show
Original Air Date Friday, 7/17/09
Archived Link


Part 1 of the John Batdorf interview with Dorian White of Just Right Radio, Plenty Valley FM, Australia on Sunday 8/30/09

Part 2 of the John Batdorf interview with Dorian White of Just Right Radio, Plenty Valley FM, Australia on Sunday 8/30/09

Monday, August 24, 2009

Old Man Dreamin' Review by Michelle Williams

Monday, August 17, 2009

John Batdorfs' "Will I Love You Forever?" debuts on Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo 8/16/09

Posted with Permission from Dan Herman


Radio Crystal Blue: Novus Ordo spotlights CDs that are debuting on my standard freeform radio program, Radio Crystal Blue. This is a live internet radio show, heard each week on Live365. The show airs on Sundays 530pm-645pm before Radio Crystal Blue which airs at 7pm.

Listen here:
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(1a) Syndication through Free Radio Jackson
reeradiojackson 8/22/09 10pm ET

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Kylie Edmond "Mine For The Day" - CD single http://www.myspace.com/kylieedmond
Hope Machine "Just A Messenger" - Big Green CD http://www.hopemachine.com
The Westerners "One World Blues" - Beautiful Departed CD http://www.thewesternersusa.com
Trashed On Fiction "safety net" - Words Trails Maps CD http://www.trashedonfiction.com
Drive In Saturday "The Better Part" - CD single http://www.myspace.com/galaxyfaraway
Dahlia Wakefield "In Retrospect" - Down This Road CD http://www.dahliawakefield.com
Sister Girl "Lonesome Rambler" - s/t CD http://www.sistergirlmusic.com
Ace NoFace "Concept" - Toxic Charm CD http://www.acenoface.com
John Batdorf "Will I Love You Forever" - Old Man Dreamin' CD http://www.johnbatdorfmusic.com
Michael Troy "Hard Knocks" - Mill Town Boy CD http://www.folkmichaeltroy.com

Running time: 77 minutes

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"Me and My Guitar" featured on Just Right Radio/Plenty Valley FM Australia

Blog Posted on Myspace in the US on Sunday, August 16, 2009 for the Playlist from 16 August 2009 from Just Right! Radio in Australia.

Music from the 60's right through to tomorrow's hits... the superstars to the unknowns... as long as "it's not too heavy... not too light..." you'll hear it all on Just Right! - Sundays (in Australia) with Dorian White, from 10am-noon, on your local station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM!

Here's the (late) playlist from this morning!
(typo's and links will have to wait till tomorrow)

Crosby & Nash - "Lay Me Down"
Twinnset - "Watching The Cars Go By"
Amy Wadge - "One More Day"
Zerafina Zara - "Waiting For The Rain"
Matt Corby - "Take All Of Me"
Shiraz Tilley - "Silent Ones"
Big Life Desire - "She's Got It All"
Barry Eaton - "It's Alright"
Terry Holder - "Don't Forget"
Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements - "Laraine"
John Vaughan - "I Still Have A Suitcase In Berlin"
Bartholomew Bishop - "Hey Mister Seeger"

Faith No More - "Evidence"
Batdorf & Rodney - "Me And My Guitar"
Diana Z - "All I Want"
The Audreys - "Small Things"
Worldfly featuring Julia Messenger - "Innocence"
Melinda Schneider with Paul Kelly - "Still Here"
Little Birdy - "Confetti"
Chris Costa - "It's Warm Here"
Rob Heath - "Watching"
Alexa Ray Joel - "Come Home To Me Do"

Comments/suggestions/requests? Message Dorian White on one of the above myspace or facebook sites!

Next Just Right! in 2 weeks time due to TAC football next Sunday morning!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday 8/16/09 - One song from "Old Man Dreamin'" debuting on Radio Crystal Blue

Hi ! Dan Herman here. Brief note to inform you I will air one song from "Old Man Dreamin'" on 8/16/09 on Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo. RCB Novus Ordo is a show where I spin one song each, to be determined, from 10 different new CDs. Future airplay will be considered for my standard show, Radio Crystal Blue. RCB Novus Ordo airs 530-645 pm EST on the Live365 Network of internet radio programs.

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(1a)Syndication through Free Radio Jackson
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Any further airplay will take place on Radio Crystal Blue proper. Please spread the word, and thanks for reading.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sun August 23rd -- John Batdorf and Dan Navarro Dual CD Release Party

Sunday, 23 August 2009 at 6pm
John Batdorf and Dan Navarro
Dual CD-Release Party
Thousand Oaks Library
Thousand Oaks, California
RSVP to Renee Bodie
at bodiehouse@aol.com
John is celebrating the release of his new CD: OLD MAN DREAMIN'
RadioIndy Artist Page with Review of the new CD
Dan is celebrating the release of his new CD: DAN NAVARRO WITH STONEHONEY LIVE AT McCABE'S (2009)
See the Facebook Evite Here
This is a DON'T MISS IT!! event!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I Will Rise" from OLD MAN DREAMIN' featured on Just Right Radio/Plenty Valley FM Australia

Blog Posted on Myspace in the US on Saturday, August 08, 2009 for the Playlist from 9 August 2009 from Just Right! Radio in Australia.

Music from the 60's right through to tomorrow's hits... the superstars to the unknowns... as long as "it's not too heavy... not too light..." you'll hear it all on Just Right! - Sundays (in Australia) with Dorian White, from 10am-noon, on your local station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM!

This morning's playlist!

Kansas - "Dust In The Wind"
Yusuf - "World O' Darkness"
John Batdorf - "I Will Rise"
Sue Ray - "Black Is The Colour"
Carus Thompson - "On My Way"
Caroline - "Tasman Place"
Guava - "Just You Wait"
Heath Whitelock - "Fall"
Matthew deZoete - "Waving From The Rail"
Martin Kerr - "Fireflies"
Istvan - "Love"
Pauline Kyllonen - "Wasn't Thinking About You"

Martin and James - "Not Alone"
Raphael Mead - "Blue Yonder"
Paul Abro - "Angels Collide"
Robin Auld - "Beautiful Things"
Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements - "You Loved Me Better"
Terry Holder - "Satellite"
Bartholomew Bishop - "Back Together"
Lucie Thorne - "The Upfield Line"
JT (John Tomaino) - "Blue Tune"
Shiraz Tilley - "Apple Tree"
Dave Bishop - "Taken Home"
Nicholas Roy - "So Close"

Comments/suggestions/requests? Message Dorian White on one of the above myspace or facebook sites!

Friday, August 7, 2009

John Batdorf on "Featured Musicians and Artists" blog

From the Featured Musicians and Artists
Blog on Blogspot by
Published Friday, August 7, 2009

John Batdorf

Featured artists who are truly talented yet under-recognized are hard to come by. It seems that in today’s reality TV world, musicians are most likely found on popular shows such as American Idol or America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, that leaves little room for the musical talent that comes with years of experience and industry know-how. John Batdorf is no exception and is this week’s featured artist.

John Batdorf began his career back in the 70’s becoming partners with Mark Rodney and forming the band Batdorf & Rodney. This was a time when famous artists’ like James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet told tales of family, love, relationships, vacations, and even what they had for dinner. While the 70’s produced legendary hits, it was also easier to get in the performing industry making for a multi-million dollar profit for the record labels. Unfortunately, the labels didn’t always look out for the performers. The industry was booming though it was poorly regulated. Many artists made little or no profits during the first years of being signed while the record labels took the credit and the money of many number one hits. The 70’s were a difficult time to catch frequent plays on mainstream radio. John Batdorf unfortunately fell to this circus-like arena.

While Batdorf & Rodney may have had musical tracks that could easily compete with those of Jefferson Starship and The Eagles, their music wasn’t promoted as good as it could have been, and the team soon broke up. John Batdorf didn’t walk away from his love for music. Instead, unlike other unrecognized talented musicians, John went on to compose Promised Land, Touched by an Angel, and provided back-up vocals for super successful musicians such as Rod Stewart and David Lee Roth. Even though John wasn’t producing number one tracks, his love for music never waffled and he continued to write and sing hoping that one-day his music would be heard once again. It wasn’t until thirty years later that John would reunite with Mark, producing a newer album complete with the knowledge and experience gained during their three-decade hiatus. John Batdorf’s new music provides the comfort and tales of the Woodstock era while addressing the social concerns of today. Additionally, John Batdorf’s albums provide those who love 70’s music with the same feel yet different songs. Once you have listened to the same songs for almost forty years, they become monotonous (though still great). John Batdorf’s music provides a glimpse into the past, a haven for those who lived there complete with new and improved melodies, which soothe the soul.

Today, John Batdorf is back and better than ever. The song “What D’Ya Got” touches on today’s social concerns and economic difficulties and is perhaps the reason that I elected to feature him as this week’s musical artist. As with many of John’s other songs, “What D’Ya Got” has a story that is heartfelt which can deeply connect with listeners across any age, gender or ethnicity and easily appeals to fans of most any musical genre. It takes a multitude of talent to combine a satirical tone, serious concerns, love and hardship with a splash of comedy and realism. John Batdorf has accomplished this within his four-minute song “What D’Ya Got”. This song is a bit of country, a splash of Indie, and a whole lot of feeling. It is unique, which is why John Batdorf has an age-old core following that has loved him since his first albums during the 70’s. While John Batdorf’s music is quite popular among the XM radio channels, once again it hasn’t hit mainstream FM stations. This is quite perplexing to anyone who hears his music. “What D’Ya Got” would have made it as a number one hit already if famous artist such as Toby Keith, Allan Jackson or Tim McGraw were performing it. This is not because either of them can sing it any better or perform it any differently, it is simply because John Batdorf hasn’t gained the notoriety of the aforementioned performers. With that said, I know that once you listen to John Batdorf’s music, his masterful lyrics will ring in your ears during the silence reminding you that true happiness and joy reaches far beyond materialistic pleasures.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Note from John: Successful Northern California Trip

Now that I have caught my breath, I just wanted to say what a great time I had in Northern California last weekend. I kicked off my Old Man Dreamin' support tour at Pierre and Leighs' house concert series in Penryn on Friday. As usual, they were fantastic hosts and always seem to fill the place. It was my fourth time there and really appreciate their support. Saturday, I played in Carmel Valley at a songwriters' showcase hosted by Kiki Wow. I performed outside on a patio and the crowd was great and very appreciative. The restaurant were about as friendly and generous as any folks I have ever met. I was with Steve Smith and Charlette Fuggetta and they fed us all and wouldn't let us pay for a thing. What hosts and the food was great! Sunday I recorded a podcast with Michael Gaither and played a house concert in San Martin hosted by Dan Holden that evening. It was Dans' first house concert and he did a really great job. I played outside and it was a beautiful evening and a fun event. I had Monday off and performed in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday as a featured artist at songwriters showcase hosted by Steve Key, I usually don't like performing at these events much but this one was really different. Steve surrounded my set with some really fine talent and the place was packed. Any act performing in Central California should look into playing there.

I have hired a radio promotions firm here in LA, M:M Music that come highly recommended. They give me the best chance at getting national airplay and so I am very excited about that. I also have a tentative CD release party here in LA on August 23rd that I will post as soon as the host posts it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"I Thought I'd Try a Love Song" from OLD MAN DREAMIN' featured on Just Right Radio - Plenty Valley FM, Australia 8/2/09

Blog Posted on Myspace in the US on Saturday, August 01, 2009 for the Playlist from 2 August 2009 from Just Right! Radio in Australia:

Music from the 60's right through to tomorrow's hits... the superstars to the unknowns... as long as "it's not too heavy... not too light..." you'll hear it all on Just Right! - Sundays (in Australia) with Dorian White, from 10am-noon, on your local station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM!

Andddddddddd here's the latest playlist from this morning!

Katie Melua - "I Think It's Going To Rain Today"
The Beatles - "Here Comes The Sun"
Crowded House - "Four Seasons In One Day"
Cilla Jane - "A Dream Of Mine"
Tom Bolton - "All I Can Do"
Kate Eve - "The Wind Comes And Goes"
##John Batdorf - "I Thought I'd Try A Love Song"##
Tracy Newman & The Reinfocements - "Diane Wants A Man"
Terry Holder - "Sail Good-Bye"
Alabama - "Feels So Right"
Kaylah Anne - "I'll Just Be On My Own"
Melanie Horsnell - "Because I Do"
Lior & Sia - "I'll Forget You"

Leo Sayer - "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" (2008 version)
Little Birdy - "Into My Arms"
Kizzy - "I Believe"
Hussy Hicks - "If I Had Your Heart"
Tall Poppies - "Drinking Life"
Barry Eaton with Kyle Newman - "Heavy Water"
Rhoderic Land - "All You Have"
John Vaughan - "State Secrets"
Chris Costa - "Giorgia"
Joshua Grierson - "Oh Caroline Revised"
Jason August - "Boston"
Ben Harper & Relentless7 - "Skin Thin"

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Don't Tell Me GoodBye" from OLD MAN DREAMIN' featured on Just Right Radio - Plenty Valley FM, Australia 7/25/09

Music from the 60's right through to tomorrow's hits... the superstars to the unknowns... as long as "it's not too heavy... not too light..." you'll hear it all on Just Right! - Sundays (in Australia) with Dorian White, from 10am-noon, on your local station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM!

Posted Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Old Man Dreamin'" NorCal CD Release Tour 7/24-25-26-28

Friday, 24 July 2009 @ 8pm
Marchal House Concert in Penryn, CA
Address & Directions Provided With Reservations
Contact Pierre Marchal at 916-316-3145 or gpmarchal@sbcglobal.net for reservations and directions
Suggested Donation $15.00
Doors open at 6:30 for pot luck - bring food item to share/BYOB - Music starts at 8pm

Saturday, 25 July 25th 2009 @ 7pm
Kiki Wow Presents John Batdorf at "Music Under the Stars"
Plaza Linda Courtyard Patio
9 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley, CA. 93924
(831) 659-4229
Price: $15.00

Sunday, 26 July 2009 @ 6pm
House/Backyard Concert at Mountain Song Ranch
San Martin, CA (near Gilroy and Morgan Hill)
Suggested Donation: $15. - $25. Sliding Scale
address and directions provided with reservations
Contact: Dan Holden
Phone #: (408) 960-5159.
Email: holdendan35@yahoo.com
"Doors" open at 5pm for a potluck dinner, show starts at 6
This is an alcohol-free venue

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 @ 7:45pm
The Clubhouse Songwriter Showcase Hosted by Steve Key
740 W. Foothill Blvd., San Luis Obispo, CA. 93405
John is the feature and will play from 7:45-8:30 - showcase begins at 6:30pm)

Please share all of this info with your Northern California Bay Area friends ... pass it on!!!

"Will I Love You Forever" featured on WLSO.FM Longtown Sound #549 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour Wed 7/22/09

Longtown Sound 549 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour Featuring- Preacher Stone, John Batdorf, Chris Loid, Zydecosis, Baby Blues and the No Attitude Band, Loo Wood, Michael Gaither, Heather Waters, Jeff Ronay, Pamela Brennan, Tim Blane, Chuck Eaton, Coldplay, Kindred Souls, Alan Wilkis

Longtown Sound 549

Longtown Sound Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour continues to bring the finest of the fine and today we kick off with a hit from Preacher Stone. Hear Preacher Stone and I’ll see you there!
8/1/2009 10:00 PM at Caveman’s 9229 Lawyer’s Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28227
Have a great hump day and as always, pass this link on to a friend and rock away the day with pancakes, syrup, fruit and steaming hot coffee. Good day all!

Today’s Featured Artists-
Preacher Stone - Blood From A Stone
John Batdorf - Will I Love You Forever
Chris Loid - Loving You Forever
Zydecosis - Satisfaction
Baby Blues and the No Attitude Band - Payin’ The Cost
Loo Wood - 3 Roses
Michael Gaither - Gettin’ to My Glory Days
Heather Waters - Wherever You Go
Jeff Ronay - Hey Marlene
Pamela Brennan - Victoria
Tim Blane - How Did I Get Here
Chuck Eaton feat Bart Ciampa - Silvia
Coldplay - Clocks
Kindred Souls - Whatchagonnado
Alan Wilkis - Pink And Purple

Longtown Sound

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Pancake Wednesday [60:00m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (29)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Wood & Stones Summer Tour 7/17 Altadena CA -7/18 Tehachapi CA -7/19 Watsonville CA

Friday 17 July 2009 @ 8pm
John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley
Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 398-7917
Price: $18.00

Saturday 18 July 2009 @ 7pm
John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley
Mama Hillybeans
426 E. Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, CA 93561
Price: $12/15

Sunday 19 July 2009 @ 6pm
John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley
Crystal Bay Farm
Watsonville, CA 93940
Price: $20.00

Monday, July 13, 2009

WLSO.FM Longtown Sound #546 features John Batdorfs' "I Thought I'd Try a Love Song" Monday 7/13/09

Longtown Sound 546 Buckingham Peanut Butter Monday

Longtown Sound 546

Buckingham Peanut Butter Monday brings new artists with new music from new CDs and some great blasts from the recent past. Take the music with you as you head out and about and pass it on to a friend! Check the links and visit the artists at their MySpace site and leave them a comment. They do appreciate it and so do I!


Today’s Featured Artists-
Downtown Money Wasters - Slow By The Riverside
Tony Deziel - Ode To A Woman (Baby, Oh Baby)
The Brilliant Mistakes - The Words
Mark Wayne Glasmire - You Opened My Eyes
John Batdorf - I Thought I’d Try a Love Song
Lisa Bianco - All The Things That Remind Me
Brad Hammonds - Favorite Time of Year
Chris Loid - Long Night
Baby Blues and the No Attitude Band - Don’t Mess With My Man
Leah West - Simple Love
Eli Reed & The True Loves - I’m Gonna Getcha Back
Alice Smith - Love Endeavor
Heath Fagen - January Rain
Paul Thorn - Black Rainbow
The Coots - Pray for Rain
Thomas Lee - Rest My Bones

Peanut Butter Monday [60:00m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (44)