Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I Will Rise" from OLD MAN DREAMIN' featured on Just Right Radio/Plenty Valley FM Australia

Blog Posted on Myspace in the US on Saturday, August 08, 2009 for the Playlist from 9 August 2009 from Just Right! Radio in Australia.

Music from the 60's right through to tomorrow's hits... the superstars to the unknowns... as long as "it's not too heavy... not too light..." you'll hear it all on Just Right! - Sundays (in Australia) with Dorian White, from 10am-noon, on your local station 88.6 Plenty Valley FM!

This morning's playlist!

Kansas - "Dust In The Wind"
Yusuf - "World O' Darkness"
John Batdorf - "I Will Rise"
Sue Ray - "Black Is The Colour"
Carus Thompson - "On My Way"
Caroline - "Tasman Place"
Guava - "Just You Wait"
Heath Whitelock - "Fall"
Matthew deZoete - "Waving From The Rail"
Martin Kerr - "Fireflies"
Istvan - "Love"
Pauline Kyllonen - "Wasn't Thinking About You"

Martin and James - "Not Alone"
Raphael Mead - "Blue Yonder"
Paul Abro - "Angels Collide"
Robin Auld - "Beautiful Things"
Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements - "You Loved Me Better"
Terry Holder - "Satellite"
Bartholomew Bishop - "Back Together"
Lucie Thorne - "The Upfield Line"
JT (John Tomaino) - "Blue Tune"
Shiraz Tilley - "Apple Tree"
Dave Bishop - "Taken Home"
Nicholas Roy - "So Close"

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