Friday, July 25, 2008

WLSO.FM Longtown Scound #411 - Weekend Edition features "Me and You" and "Summer of Love"

Longtown Sound 410 Jim Armstrong, John Batdorf, Bill Kahler, Amy Regan, The Stone Coyotes, Michael Twitty, Pete Wernick and Flexigrass, EverBlue, Fools For April, Sea Dragons, Antiqcool, Kiss, SwampdaWamp

Longtown Sound 410

Friday and the Weekend Edition is within reach and could not have come at a better time. WLSO and Longtown offer best birthday wishes to Jim Armstrong today with many more CDs in his future! We all might just enjoy the cooler and calmer weather. Take the iPod or Creative player outside and away filled with Longtown Sound tunage and take a hike, if in a plane, take a flying leap! If going fishing, for goodness sakes, take a kid! Enjoy the Friday chosen and ear picked tunage like you never have before!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today’s Featured Artists
Jim Armstrong - Angel in Our Corner
From the CD, “Brown Bag Lunch”
Jim Armstrong - Rhythm of the Moon

From the CD, “Mudtown

Happy Birthday, JIM!

John Batdorf - Me and You
John Batdorf and Mark Rodney - Summer Of Love
Bill Kahler - Walkin’ Around the World
Amy Regan - I Love NY
The Stone Coyotes - Kern River
Michael Twitty - Between An Old Memory and Me

Pete Wernick and Flexigrass - Blue Train
EverBlue - Baby’s’ Lullaby
Fools For April - Better Place
Sea Dragons - Come September
Antiqcool - When You’re Down
Kiss - Beth (unplugged)
SwampdaWamp - Sunday Southern Tradition

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