Monday, October 6, 2008

"Home Again" featured on WLSO.FM's Longtown Sound 455 Monday Monday Power Hour

Longtown Sound 455 Monday, Monday Power Hour Featuring- Lynn Langham, John Batdorf, Kelly Dees, Romantica, Lisa Coppola, Lionel Neykov, Reid Maclean, Taylor Hicks, Lee Maddeford, Copper Box, Jamie Marshall, Jimmy Catlett, Rich Hopkins and Lisa Novak, Noush Skaugen, Joey Elkins

Longtown Sound 455
The New Monday, Monday Power Hour! Check this out - the new Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour and the new Finally Friday Weekend Power Hour! Catching a little fish between now and December so Uncleshag and co-horts are moving to a three day work week, a perfect storm weekly. Why it’s a Trifecta of Tunage.
So please pass the word along with the buzz of the internet as you meet and greet your friends, former Wall St. brokers or the local banker. Bless ‘em all, Lord! Bless US everyone!
Enter, forgetting the world of politics! Err, ev’n the Whole World is left behind, pushed aside or excused for the day.
Enjoy the mellow blues sounds and all the artists!

Today’s Featured Artists-
Lynn Langham - I’ll Be Seeing You
John Batdorf - Home Again
Kelly Dees - Blues on a Tuesday
Romantica - How to Live in a Modern World
Lisa Coppola - Make This Moment
Lionel Neykov - Freeze My Senses
Reid Maclean - Full Time Job
Taylor Hicks - Heart And Soul
Lee Maddeford - If This is Life
Copper Box - Hopeless Lover
Jamie Marshall - Vagabond Heart
Jimmy Catlett -Everybody Says
Rich Hopkins and Lisa Novak - Matthew Sweet
Noush Skaugen - Gone
Joey Elkins - Looking Straight Back

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