Sunday, November 9, 2008

John Batdorf appears exclusively in the Mother Hen Promotions Room at NERFA

For Immediate Release:
John Batdorf appears exclusively in the Mother Hen Promotions Room at NERFA

In addition to aiding selected artists in getting their name and wares known on the internet via radio and social media, Mother Hen Promotions is also becoming known for presenting artists of the highest quality at the various Folk Alliance conferences including FAR-West, the International Conference in Memphis and now NERFA!

"Mom Hen" is pleased to be presenting Claudia Nygaard, Lauren Sheehan, Andrew McKnight, Randall Williams, James Lee Stanley, "All Wood & Stones", and K.C. Clifford in the Mother Hen Promotions guerrilla showcase room (#1517) at the forthcoming NERFA conference.

Additionally, "Mom Hen" is very proud to be exclusively presenting John Batdorf to the conference at large.

From being the vocal and songwriting force behind Batdorf & Rodney in the '70s, to being a recognized vocal (and writer!) on commercials and cartoons in the '80s, to creating the source music and scores for "Touched by an Angel" and "Promised Land" in the '90s/early 2000s, to being part of the dual force behind "All Wood & Stones", and now - finally - branching out solo - John Batdorf is one of those rare musical finds. His influences include the Beatles and Beethoven, Stephen Stills, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel (among others) ... but the music he gives us is purely his own. He started writing music at an early age and some of those songs still bear weight 40 years later. It is Mom Hens' opinion that he had no business having the knowledge to write some of those songs at the age of 14 ... but it is also Mom Hens' experience that such is the transcendent knowledge of genius..... Johns' vocals are sincere and distinct with an amazing range that reaches deep inside you, his meaningful themes encompass the power of love and helping people in all walks of life ... and he consistently challenges himself to create intricate acoustic melodies with difficult guitar licks that will knock your socks off when you watch him play them live on that beloved Martin D-28.
In sum, John Batdorf is an acoustic powerhouse.

Please come visit the Mother Hen Promotions Guerrilla showcase room #1517 at NERFA, scheduled as follows:

Friday, 14 November 2008/Room #1517:
3 - 4pm - John Batdorf
11:30pm - Andrew McKnight
12 Midnight to 1am - John Batdorf
1am - "All Wood & Stones": John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley
1:30am - Randall Williams

Saturday, 15 November 2008/Room #1517:
2-2:45pm - John Batdorf
2:45 - 4:30pm - "Meet Me In The Music" in-the-round peer group showcase with John Batdorf, Randall Williams, Claudia Nygaard, Andrew McKnight, and Lauren Sheehan
11:30pm - James Lee Stanley
12 Midnight to 1am - John Batdorf
1am - Lauren Sheehan
1:30am - K.C. Clifford

Mother Hen Promotions handles booking and radio and media submissions for John Batdorf should you wish to follow-up during or after the conference.

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