Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Maybe I'm Not Dreamin' After All"

Greetings and Good Day from RMJ Productions!!

John has already privately thanked each and every individual and organization who has contributed to the making of the new CD, "Old Man Dreamin'". John would also like to publicly thank each individual and organization in order of contribution as follows: John and Donna McTernan, Tom Greuling, Douglas West, Jim Weiss, Paul H Mannes, Jeff Ferguson, Kelpie Powers, RMJ Productions, Mother Hen Promotions, Russ & Julie Paris, Bruce Hackett, Charlette and Phil Fuggetta, David Platt, Steve Smith, David Schoolman, Jeff Robertson, Joseph Cooper, Stan Little, Sigi Nagys, Pierre and Leigh Marchal, Mark Tamashiro, Michael McLean, Kevin Hains, Ilene Reinhart, Meet Me In the Music, Hollie Ashworth.

Many things have been accomplished on this CD to date, including drums via Tom Walsh, vocals from Bill Batstone, Andrea Robinson, Matt Batdorf, and George Merrill. All of the acoustic guitars are done as are all of Johns' own vocals. Phil Parlapiano played accordion, Mark Browne and Bill Batstone played bass, and Michael Dowdle added electric, acoustic guitars and mandolin. John has also added some dobro and other instrumental overdubs as well.

The production aspects of the CD keep moving forward:

Yesterday (Friday, 4/3/09), John added fiddle, mandolin, and vocals with Gary Falcone.

Monday (4/6), more vocals with hopefully Dan Navarro and Lily Wilson

Tuesday (4/7), electric guitar overdubs with James Harrah,

and Wednesday (4/8), pedal steel and lap steel with Greg Leizs.

From that point forward, John will be going through the ODs and getting everything in its place before David Appelt will begin the mix process which normally runs 1 to 2 songs per day so we are looking at another week. After that will come the mix review and fix process in preparation for mastering. The final CD is almost within our grasp but we still need lots of help and contributions to get it done.

Money-wise, the above work will cost around $6,000. plus another $2,000. for manufacturing and $3-5,000. for print magazine ads and professional radio promotion. These amounts may be daunting in total but individually, we can all make a difference; remember that this CD belongs to all of us as contributors as much as it does to John, as creator/producer and artist.

In addition to the awards that have already been offered up till now (reiterated below for your reference), John would now also like to offer a pre-mastered full song mix with every $100.00 contribution going forward. If you are interested in trying to get together a contribution co-op with your friends, please email to get another copy of the co-op letter for your use.

Investment Participation Levels

ALL CONTRIBUTORS will receive:

-updates as to the progress of the CD together with an exclusive "work-in-progress" mix of three of the songs,

-an mp3 download of the new CD as soon as it is mastered,

-a contribution credit on Johns' website.

In addition:

$35.00 1 CD

$50.00 1 CD and Poster

$100.00 1 Signed CD and Poster and from this date forward a pre-mastered full song mix of "What D'ya Got?"

$250.00 2 Signed CDs, T-Shirts and Posters

$500.00 5 Signed CDs, T-Shirts and Posters

$1000.00 Johns Entire CD Collection Signed

$1500.00 Johns Entire CD Collection Signed, T-Shirt, Poster And DVD

$3500.00 A New CD Directly From The Mastering Lab Four Weeks Prior To Release, Johns Entire CD Collection Signed, T-Shirt, Poster And DVD.

$5000.00 A New CD Directly From The Mastering Lab Four Weeks Prior To Release, Johns Entire CD Collection Signed,T-Shirt, Poster And DVD ANDA Free Concert in Your Home!

$3500.00 and Up Contributors Anyone who contributes $3500.00 or more will receive a “Special Thanks” credit on the CD.

$5000.00 and Up Contributors For those who contribute $5000.00, along with everything previously mentioned, you will a receive a Co-Executive Producer credit on the CD.

We would prefer if all contributions go directly to John via PayPal ( using this account:

If other arrangements are necessary, please contact us with any questions or for Johns’ mailing address:

Thank You,

RMJ Productions

(Richard Mike Jeanette)

on behalf of John Batdorf

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