Thursday, May 7, 2009

The New CD is Mixed!!!!

The CD is mixed!!!!

And it is now in the process of being mastered.

After mastering comes putting an eye-pleasing/catching package together and then printing. We will all get to hear the finished product pretty soon. The creative process will be done and the business of selling the record becomes a reality. This is the time when the musician - in this case, John - tours the product so more people can hear it. I know that everyone who already loves Johns' music will love this CD. Everyone who has heard the unfinished product, so far, has called it the best thing John has ever done. And that's priceless considering that everything John has ever done throughout his career has been stellar; so we know that now we have something that goes above and beyond awesome. Plus it's timely; everybody who hears it will get it ... but first they have to hear it.

The music business, as you all know, has changed dramatically from the days when a record was produced by a studio who have their sales and publicity people in line to get the music to the magazines and radio stations that make or break a record. Just like the fact that John recorded this one in his own home studio and hired out for other stellar musicians to sing and play on it? Now he has to hire out for just-as-stellar publicists and radio-promoters to put these songs on the map. It costs bills with a lot of zeroes to put a half or full page ad into magazines like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter ... it takes clout to get a musician recognized and a record reviewed in either of those and other known music publications. It takes a radio promoter with a track record to get a musicians' music heard and charted on major radio stations cross-country. It takes showing that we're serious about marketing this CD widely for above level booking agents and managers to be interested in representing a musician and his work.

John has a large loyal following of fans. I know all of you are waiting to hear this record. Here's the catch though - All of you are extremely important to John but he didn't make this record just to be heard by his loyal following. He made it for everybody to hear; and everything on this record is especially timely.

One more time we are asking for help -- this time to get the professionals on board who will help us break this record out the way it deserves to be.

For all contributions of $50.00 or more, from this day forward, the contributor will receive a final mix of "What D'ya Got?"

Paypal Contributions can be sent directly to John at .

Click here for a list of investment participation "awards" .

Thank you, time and again, for all of your consideration and help.

Very Sincerely,
RMJ Productions
on behalf of John Batdorf

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