Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Four Music Videos of Songs from John Batdorfs' New CD "Old Man Dreamin'"

Posted by Mother Hen Promotions:

YOU are ALL going to LOVE these. Below this post, please find hi-def links to four (4) Professionally Produced Music Videos currently posted to John Batdorfs' YouTube channel. These are four of the songs from the new CD, "Old Man Dreamin'", and are totally awesome!

If you have a YouTube account, please: comment - favorite - share - and give a 5-star rating!!!! And if you love the videos, link them to your friends! Let's all of us create a buzz for these! Let's have people asking for them!!! (If you have a suggestion for other web-places to post music videos, please let me know by return - we would greatly appreciate it!!)

I hope to soon have info on up-to-date radio already playing the new songs together with contact info so you can listen/call/email and request!

If you are a radio DJ and would like to play Johns' music on your show, all of the songs from the new CD are now on his site at Airplay Direct - you can listen, download and play immediately - the CD is already available for pre-sale on Johns' website).
Airplay Direct link:
Website "Pre-Sale Buy" Link:
DJ's - if you cannot access Airplay Direct for downloading, please contact me by return at meetmepresents@gmail.com.


Will I Love You Forever

What D'Ya Got

Ain't No Way

That Don't Seem Right To Me

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