Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OLD MAN DREAMIN' by John Batdorf

"With all the fervor of a new artist making his first album, John Batdorf attacks the tracks on his new Old Man Dreamin' and succeeds track for track. He has a well-founded pride and joy in these new songs and it translates immediately to the listener. Fans can rejoice in the fact that John has made his best album ever in Old Man Dreamin'."
Dean Sciarra -

In addition to instant radio play when OLD MAN DREAMIN' was released on 11 June 2009: in St. Louis, MO; Patterson ,Iowa; Bristol , CT; Selah, Washington State; El Paso, TX; Laguna Nigel, CA; Milwaukee, WI;
Australia and a variety of podcasts and internet stations, this CD is supported by four (4) professionally produced music videos, that can be found here:

The first four of ten videos on that page are also four of the songs on OLD MAN DREAMIN':
"It's a promise I made and will not be betrayed" WILL I LOVE YOU FOREVER

"How Can We Live On Next to Nothin'?" asks WHAT D'YA GOT
"It's been 8 long years, now you're leavin'" ... AIN'T NO WAY
"One more thing in this crazy world that I can see" THAT DON'T SEEM RIGHT TO ME

Also, here is a link to a page on John Batdorfs' website where you can read about the song history/inspiration and lyrics for each of the 11 songs on OLD MAN DREAMIN' :

And not leastly, here is a link to the "buy" page where OLD MAN DREAMIN' is the first CD listed:

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